Auditorium and University Building, Campana, Argentina – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Auditorium and University Building, Campana, Argentina

Program: auditorium hall for 450 people, training rooms in a former oxygen-manufacturing plant with the addition of a university building
Size: 3,800 sqm (1,600 auditorium + 2,200 university building)
Status: completed in 2008

The project completely redesigns an old oxygen-manufacturing plant.
The main volume of the former plant has been maintained to function as the auditorium and is completely re-covered in aluminum cladding.
The internal structural arcades are preserved, along with the multitude of layers of color and finishes that, over time, accumulated in the space.
Two additional volumes were added alongside the main volume to house facilities. One volume, housing the foyer and cafeteria, is a structure made entirely of glass. The other volume, in contrast, is made entirely of concrete and contains the building facilities including the catering kitchen, bathrooms, technical rooms and orators’ room.