Auditorium Tamsa Headquarter, Veracruz, Mexico – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Auditorium Tamsa Headquarter, Veracruz, Mexico

Program: auditorium hall for 350 people
Size: 800 sqm
Status: completed in 2001

Part of a large office complex, the auditorium acts like a “beating heart”.
In the space – which is classical, with a semi-circular plan and fitted with high-tech projectors and sound technology – many meetings and gatherings take place including two company-wide meetings held by the CEO, countless presentations to clients and many thematic meetings about production or commercial strategies. An independent entrance through a small, quiet stone-paved piazza with strategically placed doors, makes the auditorium accessible to the local community without disturbing the office.
The auditorium gives visitors the chance to experience socializing at different scale, contrasting a monumental entrance lobby with an intimate “vomitoria” auditorium entrance lined with red sofas.