“Carlo Valsecchi A ferro e a fuoco”, Casa Dalmine, Dalmine, Italy – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Exhibition “Tenaris by Carlo Valsecchi”, Dalmine, Italy

Program: exhibition of 25 photographs by Carlo Valsecchi
Client Tenaris
Size: 1,500 sqm
Status: completed 2007

This exhibition of the photographs that Carlo Valsecchi made for Tenaris is housed in an old industrial shed built in 1903 that has been reconverted as an art and cultural exhibition space.
The exhibition is designed to give the sensation that the large photographic prints are emerging from the darkness of the shed, allowing the brightly colored images showing the contemporary and high-tech industry to dominate the scene ( even if, to the careful eye, the reflection of the clear, printed surfaces enlightens precariously and by fragments the grandiosity of the “archaeological” hall )