“Carlo Valsecchi A ferro e a fuoco”, Palazzo della Triennale, Milano, Italy – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Exhibition “a Ferro e a Fuoco”, Milan, Italy

Program: exhibition of 27 photographs by Carlo Valsecchi
Size: 700 sqm
Status: completed 2006

The exhibition was designed to make the Muzio’s building immediately visible, clearly showing its constituting elements: space, pillars, sheds and large windows.
That Muzio created a space specifically for the exhibition of art in the 1930s was incredibly contemporary for the time, especially since he believed the optimal way to exhibit modern art was in industrial spaces.
For this exhibition, the photographs were hung on panels the same size as the image, thus the images have no background and hang directly in the industrial space, similar to the display at Milan’s Triennale.
The panels are fixed to long linear bases that run, like huge railway tracks, obliquely into the space.