Center Pier, Galway Harbour, Galway, Ireland – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Centre Pier, Galway Harbour, Galway, Ireland

Program: Auditorium for 1500 standing or 1000 seated spectators, Commercial Offices, Exhibition space, Retail space, Marine facilities and Tourist informations
Size: sqm 4000
Status: competition completed 2009

Our proposal aspires to become a “landmark” both for the city and for the sea-coast.

It relates, rather than to previous architectures or other human artifacts, to the great geological formations that design so much of the irish coastline with impressive geometrical patterns.

The concept is to match the sculptural effect of geological formations with the cinetical mass of a wave and the lightness of a gigantic seagull.

Geology inspires the “extruded” composition of the roofing,, the sea waves inspire the shape and orientation of the same while bright aluminium panelling of the roof volume dissolve its weight into the reflection of sea and sky colours.

All this builds up an object that has a strong branding effect.