Exhibition Marcel Duchamp, Proa, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Exhibition Marcel Duchamp, Proa, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Program: Exhibition of work by artist Marcel Duchamp
Size: 1,000 sqm
Status: completed 2008

The primary goal of the exhibition design is to underline Marcel Duchamp’s role as the first “conceptual” artist.
Programs, be they written or spoken, are already artworks in themselves independent of execution. They become a “perfunctory affair”, and the physical results are inevitably affected by the “retina” danger.
Artwork The work will be displayed in the center of the exhibition rooms, floating on “islands” painted in white, intentionally designed as a mix between icebergs and tectonic conformations. This centric insulation emphasizes the instability that a specific, physical outcome has in relation to all other possible outcomes that might have developed from the preliminary concepts.
Text The text appears as phrases, assessments, aphoristic statements, and description of artworks by Duchamp himself, located on the upper part of the walls in large format graphics. These could, in some ways, be defined as “verbal artwork”, immediately rendering the groundbreaking impact Marcel Duchamp had on the birth of conceptual art, as well establishing an equality between the program and the execution of physical artwork.