Facilities for the Faculty of Medicine, Homburg, Germany – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Facilities for the faculty of Medicine in Homburg, Homburg-Saar, Germany

Program: Auditorium for 520 people (616 sqm), Library (800 sqm), Offices (400 sqm), Training (290 sqm), Foyer facilities (160 sqm), Foyer (730 sqm)
Size: 6,667 sqm
Status: competition, completed in 2009
Credits Alexander Schroeter – MÜLLER-BBM GmbH (acoustic)
Ing. Harald Kloft – OSD (structural engineer)
Prof. Brian Cody – ARUP GmbH (eco-sustainability)

The main goal of this project is to match the hospital’s original design as “an ensemble of pavilions in nature” with the hospital’s demand for more space and therefore a higher density of ‘pavilions’ or buildings.
Consequently, the following is proposed:
1) maintain and restore the building already existing on the lot;
2) make this building the exact “center” of the composition – formally (as the building boasts an interesting traditional architecture), functionally (as it will house the library) and symbolically (as it is a fusion of the traditional and the modern);
3) house the new, additional functions in individual buildings that are sized to maintain the spirit of the “pavilions in nature’ specified in the original master plan;
4) link all of the buildings with a glass-roofed foyer that preserves a visual and physical permeability throughout the site