HQ Siderca offices, Campana, Argentina – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

HQ Siderca Offices, Campana, Argentina

Program: an addition to an existing building, office planning and interior design of both
Size: 6,000 sqm
Status: completed in 1996

The old building, which was quite extensive and deep, had at its center an oversized air-conditioning plant room.
In an effort to give the renovated building the central space that was lacking in the original structure, the original plant room was dismantled and the machinery was relocated to a series of rooftop spaces.
The plan was organized at the intersection of two axes forming a typical roman “cardus/decumanus” condition.
The entrances and lobbies are distributed along one of the axis, while the garden patios, coffee-areas, meeting rooms and general internal facilities are distributed along the other axis.
Apart from these spaces which are static, the remaining space (including the plants outlets) can be easily reconfigured for maximum flexibility.