“I Maya”, Venezia and “Los Mayas”, Mexico City – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Exhibition ” I Maya “, Venezia, Palazzo Grassi, 1998-1999
Exhibition ” Los Mayas “, Ciudad de Mexico, Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso, 1999

Program: 515 items including a colossal stone stelae, precious jewels, architectural fragments and painting, pottery and sculpture from throughout the Maya region; coming today from the most important American and European museums.
Client: Fiat, Conaculta
Size: 2,000 sqm

The concept was to use typical elements of Mayan spaces and architecture to create the exhibition path.
Platforms, steps and molding were used for their abstract and geometrical value, while a color code was used to guide visitors.
The primary color used was a warm, sandy grey, the color of Mayan ruins, while several architectural insertions themed like the royal power and sacred rites spaces – were painted in red, the original color of Mayan cities. Additionally, volumes of “azul maya” were inserted throughout the exhibit, providing didactic explanations.
The exhibition was generously lit to seem like natural light.

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