“La magia de la risa y el juego”, Fundacion Proa, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Exhibition “La magia de la risa y el juego”, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Program: Exhibition of 70 small terracotta “smiling heads” and a single large olmec stone head (Cabeza Colosal Olmeca n. 9), from the collection of the Museo de Antropologia de Jalapa
Client: Fundacion Proa
Size: 400 sqm
Status: completed 2004

The concept of the exhibition stems from the consideration that most of the small heads were cast from originals and produced in series and that even the original PIECES show incredible consistency in style and technique.
Echoing the theme of serialization, the design of the layout highlights the differences and peculiarities of each face, while maintaining the interest of the lively expressions of each piece, by exhibiting the sculptures in a serial way.
The small heads are exhibited in a single line under uniform lighting, placed in several plexi-glass prisms running the length of the wall.
In contrast, the colossal Olmec Head stands alone among the museum’s iron cast columns in “splendid isolation”.