“Les Etrusques et l’Europe”, Paris and “Die Etrusker und Europa”, Berlin – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Exhibition ” Les Etrusques et l’Europe “, Paris, Grand Palais, 1992-1993
Exhibition ” Die Etrusker und Europe “, Berlin, Altes Museum, 1993

Program: 620 pieces from 135 European and American museums from the 9th century BC to the 20th century AD
Client: réunion des Musées Nation-aux, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin-Preussicher Kulturbesitz, Fiat and Palazzo Grassi
Size: 2,000 sqm

The exhibition was divided into two main sections that each explored two different topics: the Etruscan’s relationship with other European populations of the Antic age and the history of the modern age discovery of this civilization.
We chose to paint the space of the first section warm grey, while the space of the second section was painted “terracotta” red.
The spatial concept for the exhibition reflects a scientific structure. The main historical development was displayed in the central mall, while the concurrent development of other European civilizations was housed in the lateral rooms, along with the didactic tools.