“Les Tresors du Nouveau Monde”, Musée du Cinquaintaire, Bruxelles – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Exhibition “Les Trésors du Nouveau Monde”, Bruxelles, Musées Royaux du Belgique, Belgium

Client: Asbl Trésors du Nouveau Monde
Size: 1,800 sqm
Status: completed 1992

Coming from all over the American continent, the Pre-Columbian pieces are unified by their small dimensions and astonishing details. Due to a wide variation in materials and consistency, however, it was essential to find a common framing so as to get lost in vast space of the Musées Royaux.
This is particularly true for pieces coming from countries in the extreme north and south of the continent, which are characterized by their small, light, and almost imperceptible nature.
A continuous wall takes on the form of a labyrinth, wherein both freestanding artwork and artwork mounted inside the wall itself (visible through windows-like showcases) are displayed.

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