“L’image d’après”, Cinemathéque Francaise, Paris, France – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Exhibition “L’image d’après”, Paris, France 2007

Program: exhibition of 10 photographers
Size: 640 sqm
Status: completed 2007

Produced by Magnum Agency Paris and the Cinematheque Francaise, the subject of the exhibition reflects the dual vocation of partners.
Ten of Magnum’s photographers were invited to show their work, relating it to film makers (or cinematographic situations) that most impressed and influenced them.
Because the photographers’ reactions to the brief were completely different, the exhibition design uses different areas of the space to reflect this extreme individuality, while maintaining the choral sense characterizing the Magnum Agency.
The interaction between reality and fiction, and between still pictures and movie pictures, is fundamental to the layout, dedicating the center of the exhibition room to the photographers whose work is most directly affected by movie fiction or the alteration of memory: Gilden / 1940s cinema noir’s open book, Pinkhassov / Tarkovski’s catwalk/altar, Power / Kieslovski’s family memories tower).
Meanwhile, work by photographers maintaining a supposed “objectivity” in their photography is placed along the perimeter of the space: the real Iran civil war for Abbas who reminds of Rossellini, the fake Irak war for Peress who refers to Resnais, Soth’s abandoned cinemas looking at Wenders, Irish civil war for Wylie / Alan Clarke.
Photographers aiming to create a unicum of slide projections and reference films (Gruyaert and Zachmann) or that directly operate as filmmakers (D’Agata), are exhibited in “small cinemas”.