Glass Museum, “Cité Verrière”, Arques, France – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Glass Museum, “Cité Verrière”, Arques, France

The site for the “Citè Verriere” is the ancient “Arc” glass-factory’s lot (the factory was founded in 1825). The productive buildings have been, unfortunately, completely destroyed, while the administrative building, all along the main road, still survives. The proposal wants to get back to the industrial image of the site putting part of the Museum (the one with glass-making machinery on exhibition) and the Glass-works Outlet in two sheds. The ex-administrative buildings facing the main road will house the historical glass artifacts exhibition of the Museum. A bridge connection is proposed, over the channel, to the spectacular hydraulic boat-lift that assured the continuity of the channel navigation before the contruction of the locks.