“Modigliani scultore”, MART, Rovereto, Italy – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

“Modigliani scultore”, Mart, Rovereto, Italy

Program: exhibition of 8 Modigliani’s sculptures together with a series of drawings and photos
Size: 480 sqm
Status: completed 2010

The exhibition design creates a continuous and fluid path organized in 9 thematic areas, where the Modigliani’s sculptures take the central position.

Due to the Museum imposing scale, a specific space is created using a system of black coloured and 3,6 meter tall wings.

The idea is to create a path of “looks”, both with sculptures chosen for comparison and Modiglianis heads, both for sculptures as a whole and visitor: for this purpose all heads are placed at the same eyes height and individually illuminated.