Mondadori Informatica Shop, Milan, Italy – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Mondadori Informatica Shop, Milan, Italy

Program: Corporate interior and forniture design
Size: 3000 sqm
Status: completed 1994

The message that Mondadori Informatica stores want to send is that the store is a friendly and open place and that the products are easy and accessible.
This program determined the main features of the project:
– great visibility from the windows towards the inside;
– displays have simple and elementary shapes and alternate bright colors with aluminum surfaces, giving an image of friendly technology and easy to use;
-all the goods can be reached by the customer thanks to a very clear and easily modifiable signage able to follow the rapid evolutions of the products.

The Milan store in Porta Vittoria is to be considered the pilot project and has also served to develop the “Point of Sale setting up Handbook”