Museum, Abbazia di Cerrate (Lecce), Italy – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Museum, Abbazia di Cerrate (Lecce), Italy. In progress.

In the previous project by the architect Minissi, the so-called “house of the farmer” was intended as a “Museum of popular traditions”, but it also included the precious frescoes coming from the adjacent church.
The restoration program of the Abbey complex foresees in a next phase the relocation of the frescoes and the rearrangement of issues related to agricultural production designing two distinct and also visually separate paths and spaces for these two very different themes.
The presence on site of the large olive mill suggests here the permanence of the themes related to the production of olive oil, while the objects and tools related to the theme of the production of bread were transferred to the abbey’s oven room located on the ground floor in the perimeter access building.
The secular history of the evolution of the abbey complex and monastic life are new themes added and placed in two small rooms on the upper floor.