Olympic Landmark, Paris, France – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Olympic Landmark, Paris, France

Program: Creation of a landmark to inform the public about Paris’s
application for hosting the 2012 Olympic Games
Size: tower: 28 m. tall
Status: competition; completed in 2004

The site of the landmark is a railway station. A physical example of the global nature of trade (and its derivative: the transfer of goods), the nature of the site is highlighted in the landmark’s design, as it perfectly coincides with the global character of the Olympic Games.
Made from 60 train cars, the project is partly built of railway hardware. By substituting one of their faces with a retro-projection screen, 30 train cars house projectors; thus now carrying information (directly or indirectly connected to Olympic Games) rather than physical goods.
All 60 cars are piled up to form a tower that is 10 cars high (28 meters), 3 cars wide (18 meters) and 2 cars deep (5 meters).
The first row of train cars are those equipped with retro-projectors, forming a gigantic screen (28 meters by 18meters).