Parkway iconic Bridge, Sheffield, UK – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Parkway iconic Bridge, Sheffield, England

Program: vehicular bridge in Sheffield countryside
Size: 50 ml
Status: Competition; completed in 2008

The design of the bridge reflects our mixed feelings toward the juxtaposition of nature with modern life and technology.
When walking in the countryside, we most enjoy those landscapes that are untouched and timeless, while the notion of crossing a motorway brings displeasure.
In contrast, when driving in our cars, what we most enjoy is speed, consciously proud of the freedom of motion technology allows. Seeing a bridge (and, even more so, a beautiful one) while driving, is a great pleasure.
Our design proposal tries to reflect these contrasting attitudes:
– the structure is very contemporary, made of stainless steel reticular, while the external face is covered in smooth, brushed stainless-steel panels;
– the pedestrian part of the bridge creates continuity between the paths arriving at the bridge. A wooden-pole palisade, located on the paths approaching the bridge and in the bridge space itself, obstructs the noise and views of traffic.