Proposals for a dismissed Highway, Salerno, Italy – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Proposals for a dismissed Highway Stretch, Salerno – Reggio Calabria, Italy

Program: Museum facilities and Landscape Design on an abandoned highway
Size: museum 2,000 sqm + landscape design 32,000 sqm + parking 80,000 sqm
Status: competition completed in 2005

Competition entry with PROAP, Lisboa and Crotti + Forsans, Turin.
This project conceives of a landscape design and a design concept for a museum on the site an abandoned tract of highway that is today bypassed by traffic by new tunnels.
Focused on the asphalt belt of the old highway, the landscape is designed to indicate the recovery process of natural re-growth occurring throughout the different layers of road construction.
The structure of the museum is like that used in construction of tunnels.
There will be two tunnel-like spaces, one will house the exhibition space and the other will contain facilities such as a bookshop, restaurant, and services.