14th Connection Building, Rinascente, Florence, Italy – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Connection Building, Rinascente, Florence, Italy

Program: refurbishment of the connection building of “ La Rinascente ” department store in Florence.
Status: completed 2019

Only one testimony remains of the medieval square of the “Mercato Vecchio”, destroyed at the end of the nineteenth century: the connecting body between the two buildings that make up la Rinascente in piazza della Repubblica.
By freeing up the double height of this space and using traditional local materials -tuff, “serena”stone and reclaimed wood – the Gothic-medieval memory becomes part of the building experience.
With the completion of the space of the Gothic lot conceived as a hub for the 4 environments concerned, it is finally possible to appreciate physical and visual continuity that has come about between 2nd and 3rd floors and the respective outbuildings dedicated to the shoes.