Two Houses in a transformed Farm, Civenna, Italy – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Two Houses in a transformed Farm, Civenna, Italy

Program: renovation of a series of abandoned rural buildings to create two houses
Size: 800 sqm
Status: completed in 2001

The project tackles problems that are typical in the renovation of abandoned rural buildings, underlining a series of steps to be considered during the design process: an evaluation of the architectural value of the buildings prior to the new design; no unification among different buildings, as it is important to maintain differences and highlight stratification; a simple addition of new elements to the old structure as a source of interesting contrasts.
Owned by two sisters, the complex is composed of a vaulted, stone stable built in 1800 with an upper-level barn, a 1930’s chalet-style stone farmhouse, and a 1970’s brick stable.
The two sisters divided the complex in two parts, the older buildings and the 1970’s stable.
The design approach was adjusted according to the nature of each part. The coldness of the 1970’s stables suggested a radical change, while a much more conservative attitude was adopted for the design of the older and architecturally more valuable pieces.