Wien Museum Neu, Wien, Austria – Caruso e Torricella Architetti

Wien Museum Neu, Wien, Austria 2015

Looking at the Karlskirche, the baroque masterpiece by Fischer von Erlach, you can easily perceive how the neo-classical Technische Univesität gave, in 1815, an interesting answer to the urban theme of putting the church in a perspective, building an oblique on the right side. The suggestion was completely unattended by the Winterthur building and by the existing Wien Museum, that, with a typical 1960’s indifference to urban values, just ignore their important neighbour. Our project is the attempt to create an answer to the Technische Universität in its attempt to create an Urban perspective towards the Karlskirche. We tried to make this through a “decalage” of the volumes (a big building dedicated to temporary exhibitions and a small building dedicated to facilities), all of them connected with the existing Museum by a glassed roof that has an oblique cut symmetrical to the Technische Universität facade.